Kafr Abdou Mapping


This project is part of Kafr Abdou research project, an initiative by Design Sector that started in summer 2019. This initiative’s main objectives to study the area of Kafr Abdou, Alexandria and identify its main features, assets and resources in order to come up with better development plans, to be implemented to serve the community of Kafr Abdou and the area in general.

Kafr Abdou research project follows a strategic plan that goes through four consecutive steps; data collection, community engagement, development plans and implementation. The project completed its first phase, which is the data collection.

The outcome of this phase is a comprehensive booklet of 25 illustrated detailed maps of all the different layers of activities found in Kafr Abdou, in addition to an analysis of the area’s historical transformation through time.

The second phase of the project is still a work in progress. This phase is mainly about engaging with the community of Kafr Abdou with our data, in order to know their opinions and the problems they are dealing with in Kafr Abdou.

This phase is crucial as it engage the community in the decision making process and come out with mutual agreements of defined development plans. We started with a very successful symposium where we presented and showcased the project in November, 2019 at SHELTER Art Space. This was part of the “Heritage Days of Alexandria Festival 2019” organized by CEAlex.


File name : DS_Kafr-Abdou-_Mapping.pdf

Research Project
Kafr Abdou, Alexandria, Egypt
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