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Al Max


This project was a collaboration between Design Sector and Rotaract Alexandria that brought adults aged between 16 and 18 years old to take actions in their communities, develop their leadership and professional skills and have fun.

The renovation of Al Max Fishermen houses is a cultural project, where we partnered with Rotaract, Alexandria and gathered 150 students of 4 different francophone schools to develop 10 fishermen houses in Al Max District. In
this project, we taught 150 students in one day how to renovate the building’s facades and insulate them to withstand harsh weathers, which resulted in a meaningful collaboration between the students and each other to renovate the above mentioned 10 houses.

Through this project we were able to efficiently manage our resources, whether financial, human resources or know-how. This management were always following a strict strategic track and timeline in order to come out with a professional and reputable end product that could better represents our work philosophy.


Al Max Fishermen Houses
Al Max, Alexandria, Egypt
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